During the 1st year students learn:
  • Identification, use, care and maintenance of carpentry hand tools and carpentry portable power tools
  • Learn to make wood joints, framing, scaffolding and timbering, framework
  • Framing of wooden floor, wall ceiling and roof
During the 2nd year students learn:
  • Safety precautions at building site, measurements, fundamental operation in block- laying, bonding of wall and plinth, door window opening and their spanning, foundation and their construction, detached and attached pillars, construction of decorative bonding in peril walls, setting out a building, pointing and plastering, home drainage and its construction, casting of R.C.C members, etc.
  • FNU CLASS III Trade Test end of second year
During the 3rd year students learn: (Optional)
  • Hand tools, power tools, machines, materials and related science, building water supply, laying external pipe lines, roof plumbing and storm water drainage, simple soldering operation in soft folder house drainage and maintenance.
  • FNU CLASS III Trade Test end of third year