For Students

Monday to Friday

05.40am Reveille

05.50am Jogging to the dining hall through the drive way and through the steps

05.55am Morning worship

06.00am Breakfast

06.10am Morning manual duties, which is allocated by the house Leaders

06.45am personal grooming

07.00am Organized study

07.55am Classes

12.30pm Lunch

01.15pm Classes

03.45pm Workshop cleaning

04.00pm Farming

05.00pm Organized games

06 00pm Personal grooming

06.25pm Evening worship/study

07.30pm Dinner

07.50pm Recreation

08.45pm Night prayer

09.00pm Great silence/lights off


05.40am Reveille

05.50am Jogging to the dining hall through the drive way and through the steps

05.55am Morning worship

06.00am Breakfast

06.10am Morning manual duties, which is allocated by the house Leaders

06.45am Preparing for farming

07.00am Farming

11.00am Laundry

12.30pm Lunch

12.50pm Rest

02.30pm Farming

04.30pm Organized games

06.00pm Personal grooming

06.30pm Inter religious faith program

06.45pm singing practice/watching TV

07.30pm Dinner

07.45pm Movie

09.00pm Lights off


05.40am Reveille

05.50am Jogging to the dining hall through the drive way and through the steps

05.55am Morning worship

06.00am Breakfast

06.10am Personal grooming

06.50am Church worship

08.45am Manual duties of the respective groups and areas

11.45am Inspection of the duty areas

12.30pm Lunch

02.30pm Study

04.00pm Organized games

06.00pm Personal grooming

06.25pm Cultural competitions/speech/singing/mono act/ competitions

07.30pm Dinner

08.45pm Lights off


We expect all students entrusted to our care will conduct themselves to the satisfaction of all concerned and leave the school after a successful career as God fearing young men useful to themselves, their parents and their country.

Monday to Friday
  • 07.00 am to 07.55 am – Organized Study
  • 07.55am to 12.30pm – Theory/Calculation/Drawing/English/Computer classes
  • 12.30pm to 01.15 pm – Lunch Break
  • 01.15 pm to 04.00 pm – Practical

As per Government gazette terms.

During the trainee’s stay at Montfort Boys’ Town (MBT), we expect each trainee is to be equipped with the following for a successful career in their future life:

01. Competence

Within any discipline, you will need a set of skills to be able to carry out your work effectively. These are both transferable skills as well as technical skills you need to equip yourself with so that you become a skilled professional in your industry. Being competent also means that you are self-aware and that you know what your strengths and weaknesses are. So that when you find that you lack a certain skill, you can identify it and start working on it.

02. Confidence

Having the confidence to go after what you want is crucial. Most people become leaders because they put themselves in positions where they can easily find the inspiration and motivation to succeed. These individuals are more likely to get out of their comfort zone, take risks and won’t settle for anything less than success. Becoming a successful skilled person means that you have the courage to demand what’s right for you as well as what you deserve.

03. Communication

Every successful skilled person knows how to communicate effectively with other people. They know how crucial it is to be able to communicate a message so that their peers can understand them and follow their lead. Communication is the most important skill every professional needs to possess as it isn’t only applicable within business, but incredibly useful in anything you are trying to achieve. If you can’t effectively interact with other people, you won’t be able to inspire them or succeed in your career.

04. Compass

To be a successful professional, you always need to carry an invisible compass in your pocket. This means that you need to know where you are headed and have a certain plan in place. A plan will help you stay on the right track in your professional journey. Every skilled person needs to have a sense of direction, or better yet a strategy to follow that can help them achieve their goals every step of the way.

05. Commitment

When you are trying to achieve a goal, being committed to it is essential. That’s because your chances of success will largely depend on it. Along the way, it’s guaranteed you will find obstacles that will make it harder to reach your destination, but that’s when your commitment is tested. Unless you are fully dedicated to your cause and are willing to sacrifice enough time to it, it is highly unlikely that you will achieve success.

01. The pupils should attend technical sessions every day. Should they need to be excused, the parents should come to the Director and get explicit permission.

02. Going to hospital should be accompanied by the parent/guardian. In case of outer island trainees, the Director has the discretion to send him.

03. The trainees should be punctual for all activities. Should they be late from one activity, please make sure the rest of the program does not get penalized.

04. The trainees shall go to the school premises from the boarding with workshop overall. Should they need to go out, it shall be always with school shirt, tie, sulu, and Sandals (Official school uniform).

05. The uniforms should be cleaned (Laundry) weekly.

06. Trainees shall leave the school premises with official school uniform and so also when they return to the school. School uniform shall be worn by the student all the times. It has come to the attention students tend to change the uniform at the gate and should they be found, they are guilty of being dishonest to his integrity and it shall be fined $25.00

07. The trainees are not allowed to bring with them the following:

a) Large sum of money at their disposal

b) Mobile phones, electronic gadgets, music gadgets

c) Obscene magazines, periodicals, pornographic materials

d) Any electronic gadgets

e) Should they be guilty of any of these, it shall be dealt with a fine of $100.00 and the gadget shall be confiscated.

08. They should not use vulgar and swear language. Should they been caught in such profanities, it shall be punishable with suspension and if he does continue to use over and over, it shall lead to termination from the boarding.

09. A trainee being expelled from the boarding has no chance to continue the technical training program.

10. Trainees who steal or fight causing injury to another shall be dismissed from school.

11. Trainees, who jump the school fence, go home without explicit permission shall be dismissed from the school.

12. Trainees who purportedly ask permission to go hospital and go elsewhere shall be dismissed from the school.

13. Trainees who swear at the elders, teachers and director shall be summarily dismissed from the school.

14. Trainees should show respect to the teachers and elders and also to National and Religious symbols.

15. Trainees should keep the school campus neat and clean and should not destroy any school property.

16. Trainees should take care of their personal property.

17. Trainees are not allowed to go outside the campus during working and boarding hours, without permission.

18. Trainees should speak English while in the school.

19. Trainees should get a minimum of 60% marks for promotion to the next year and for graduation. Graduation is

organized for successfully completing the training program at Montfort Boys’ Town and prescribed exams of MBT.

20. Trainees should have a minimum of 85% attendance for successful completion of the training at MBT.

21. Trainees who has been absent for 15 days continuously, without authorization, will be removed from the school rolls.

22. Admission fee is not refundable

23. Trainees should have the following:

1. Digging Fork

2. Gum boot

3. Drawing set

4. Toilet articles & stationary

5. Blanket, mattress, bed sheets, pillow

6. Cane knife

7. Safety boot

8. Pad locks -3 no’s

9. Dresses for staying in a boarding setting

24. Any items that are in item 23 NOT with the trainees shall be fined with $15.00 each at any inspection time.

25. Any student who goes for regular leave and returns late shall be fined $15.00 per day. Alternatively, the trainee can come with the parents and explains to the authorities for such deviant behavior. Should the trainee been admitted to the hospital, proper medical certificates could suffice to exempt him from the fine. Nonetheless, the parent/guardian should inform the authorities in advance.

26. A few of the acts that warrant dismissal from the school can be mitigated by punitive fines. These fines shall be above $100. 00. This is done to deter other trainees from such deviant behaviors. This shall be done in dialogue with the parents/guardians. The director has his final say, considering all facts. (Swearing at any elder, teacher, Director and his deputies, stealing, bring in electronic gadgets, mobiles, fancy obscene magazines, disobedience to the teachers and Director, jumping out of the fence in the night, going out without explicit permission, going to the hospital and then roaming around in town, going home without permission, fighting, inciting violence, strike, deliberately not doing home works, not wearing uniform when going out, not wearing uniform while at class hours, etc)

27. No wet clothes should hang in the dormitory room.

28. No clothes shall be hanged on the railings of the dormitory veranda.

  • Dark Royal Navy blue Sulu, official blue/red shirt, Montfort emblem embedded tie, & sandal – official purposes
  • Dark navy blue Workshop overall & safety boot – working hours