Montfort Brothers

The Society of Montfort Brothers of Saint Gabriel which manages Montfort Boys’ Town was founded by St. Louis Marie De Montfort in France in 1705. Since then it has spread to thirty-nine countries, with one thousand nine hundred and sixty-two Brothers, working in 280 institutions engaged in the mission of education. Education has a very wide connotation. The organization therefore caters to the educational needs of not only children and youth in normal academic schools but also imparts technical education, education of the deaf, dumb and blind, and the physically and mentally challenged. Brothers are engages in village uplift activity programs and social works especially among the down trodden and the marginalized.


St. Louis was born on 31st January, 1673, in Brittany, in a small town called Montfort, situated in Northern part of France. Studious and intelligent he topped all his classes. He did not blend well with his fellow students, his way and his life-styles being entirely different from them. He suffered much at their hands but he was in the good book of his professors.

Louis was 18 when he felt God was calling him. Times were hard in every respect and trials countless. Only his trust in God’s providence enabled him to overcome them all. Nevertheless at the age of 27, he was ordained as a priest on the 5th June, 1700.

He wrote including some 2000 lines of songs and canticles. His books are classics, especially the “TRUE DEVOTION TO BLESSED VIRGIN” and “THE LOVE OF ETERNAL WISDOM”. He was also a painter, artist, sculptor, musician, composer and a mystical poet. His philosophy in life: NO CROSS WHAT A CROSS His watch word: “Dieu Seul” – : God alone”