Manasa Radolo

I Manasa Radolo graduate of 1984 with class III trade certificate in block laying, plastering and carpentry is doing very well in my enterprise. I started working in 1985 under rural housing project for four years with $10.00per week and other private works. Helping people in need in terms of renovation, block work, plastering, construction of drive ways, sea walls, maintenance of roof etc was undertaken. In 1986 I was able to construct a single storey house with two bedroom, lounge, kitchen, dining room and bathroom for my parents. 1990-1994 established a small rural housing scheme at my village to carry out all village projects and individual who can afford to prepare their own building material to support. 2004 continued my studies with F.I.T. I have worked for Kirti Construction Company, Ambe Construction Company, Tulsi Construction Company and Lautoka City Council for six months (attachment). 2007-08 completed my diploma in Building Engineering stages 1,2,3,4. In 2009 I came back to Boys Town as instructor in Block Laying and carpentry with the aim to equip these students for a better future. A code that always is remembered at the construction field “to work with a Montfortian silence will be created with questioning minds

“Na tamata daucakacaka sa sega na ka e kadua kina. Vota vakadodonu na i vakavuli dina”.